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The DICKENS Consulting Group does one thing and we do it in a phenomenal way……

We are “Capacity Builders!”

Simply put….we assist individuals, groups, teams and organizations recognize, realize, and reach their greatest, fullest, and most important of all, their Truest potential.

DCG wants to understand your concerns about the training, education and development of your workforce as well as the future capabilities of your organization.

We can help you enhance the skills of your workforce, assist them in developing a deeper resilient mindset, and increase their ability to perform and/or lead in environments of change, growth, innovation, and strategic development.

Our method is simple…we move beyond the concepts, theory and philosophy of personal and professional development and incorporate the realities of the environment the members of your team are expected to live, learn, and lead in. Invest in your future with DCG as part of your TEAM.

This is your “call to action”. You can continue to review the site for more details or contact Timmothy Now at 210 386-0344 / to learn more about how to create a strong culture of success within your organization and see your people and the organization reach their Truest potential.


“This is the worst seminar I have ever participated in…but in the end, it was the best one I could have attended. It caused me to take an introspective look at myself and how I made decisions, lead my team, and what my real motivations were. WOW…What a real eye-opener.” 

D. Smith

“Great course and incredible instructors.  They really get everyone involved and keep you engaged.
The material was fantastic and very useful even after I return to my work section.” 

Z. Miller

“The team had a strong wall built up, I thought you did an excellent job at breaking through and getting people to open up. I learned a lot being new to the team. I wish this type of exercise had been done with some of my other employers.” S. Hardley

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Helping you take your organization to new heights!