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How We Do it

This is how The DICKENS Consulting Group does it…..

DCG understands the concerns about Workforce Training, Education, and Development as well as future capabilities of organizations. We want to help enhance the skills of the workforce and increase their ability to lead, manage, and perform in environments of change, growth, innovation, and strategic development.

Overall Methodology

Our method is simple…we move beyond the concepts, theory, and philosophy of personal and professional development and incorporate the realities of the environment they are expected to live, learn, perform and lead in. Foundational to every course we develop is our own P4 concept…People, Purpose, Process, and the Plan.

P1 People

Regardless of what we are developing and delivering, a specific focus is placed on the whole person and ensuring they are adequately prepared for the daily challenges faced each day in their personal as well as professional lives. Woven into and throughout our delivery are always areas covering stress management, time management, work-life balance and resiliency.

P2 Purpose

As in any course, program, or offering that is designed, developed and delivered, we ensure it is content rich, highly engaging and interactive, and adds immediate value to the experiential learning process. Our goal is to capture the essence of adult learning styles coupled with the understanding that our courses must treat participants like adults, focus on “real world” issues, emphasize immediate and actionable strategies, and relate the learning to their own personal and professional goals.

P3 Process

We take the mystery out of the developmental process in four steps. First, we provide the information and tools to establish the learning continuum with the participant…or to refresh the knowledge of the seasoned professional. Then we help each individual assign purpose, meaning, significance and value to the information, which then becomes knowledge. From there, we ensure there is understanding as to why it is important. Finally, we move to application with what they have learned through guided/open discussions, realistic role-playing, scenarios, experiential exercises and individual/group/team activities. In short, we answer the who, what, when, where, how, and why. 

P4 Plan

The right content, for the right audience, at the right time, delivered the right way, with the right facilitator/instructor/coach. DCG ensures that enough background information about the intended participants and their organization is gathered to better understand the dynamic environment they are currently operating in. If there are other sources of input providing relevant information, it is also collected along with any pre-existing data from similar developmental programs in the form of surveys, questionnaires, or feedback.

Additionally, any organizational themes, sound-bites, or messages are used, as applicable, to weave into the final delivery package for a course providing consistency and continuity with any other developmental initiatives you currently are using.

Method of Delivery

DCG provides in each course, workshop, and seminar, a complete suite of delivery platforms which accommodate the adult learner, to include open and guided discussions, individual/group/team activities, exercises, role playing, scenarios, and experiential learning opportunities. All of which serve as foundational themes that are stand alone lessons and build upon the previous discussion, activity, or exercise.

"The team had a strong wall built up, I thought you did an excellent job at breaking through and getting people to open up. I learned a lot being new to the team. I wish this type of exercise had been done with some of my other employers." S. Hardley

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