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Why The DICKENS Consulting Group?

There are a number of reasons to consider, but we will give you ten:

1. Because you have a great program, want to take it to the next level, and are looking for new, creative, and innovative ways to do it. You know, Experiential Learning with Exponential Results.

2. Because a robust Traning, Education and Development program is part of your  Strategic Plan and is tied directly to your Succession Planning, Talent Management and Career Development goals. You can buy or build your talent and you know in-house talent is critical to the future growth and success of your organization.

3. Because if affects your bottom-line…Profit.  You want to build upon a work environment based on personal accountability, engaged employees, highly motivated and competent teams. Everyone is at peak performance.

4. Because you have a program that is not providing the results you deserve and you are tired of tossing your training dollars into a burn pit. Don’t you just hate it when it is not as advertised but you have already committed the funds.

5. Because you have individuals you keep moving around your organization when they just don’t get it…again & again & again or you keep saying “Well, that’s just the way they are”. How much has this cost your organization in performance levels, employee productivity, morale, or departures?

6. Because we can provide the Solutions you want, the Results you need…the First Time…Every Time!

7. Because we are No nonsense, No gimmicks, No flashy slogans, and No false promises. If we are not a good fit for what you need or cannot do it, we will tell you up front!

8. Because we do not believe in warmed over, off the shelf solutions. There is no organization like yours and we personalize every learning experience given the uniqueness of your requirements, needs, desires and expectations…..and the beauty of it all is that it won’t cost you a small fortune.

9. Because we Practice Old School Business Ethics – Our word is our promise of commitment to you…We look you in the eyes, give you our word, shake your hand, and deliver! (We know somewhere in there we will have to sign an agreement or contract.)

10. Because our Reputation and Credibility are at stake in providing the ultimate Training, Education, and Development learning experience and failure is not an option!!

We are a certified Minority Owned, Service Disabled Veteran Owned, Small Business Enterprise Registered with SBA, SAM (Previously CCR & ORCA), and CVE. 

NAICs Codes: 541611 / 541612 / 541613 / 541618 / 611430 / 611699 / 611710

DUNS Number: 82-870-7567

Cage Code: 58KP4

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"The team had a strong wall built up, I thought you did an excellent job at breaking through and getting people to open up. I learned a lot being new to the team. I wish this type of exercise had been done with some of my other employers." S. Hardley

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